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Gemlogis Bleu wireless LCD Display

Gemlogis Bleu is ONLY a display to be associated with Belize or Mantis testers for the identification of diamonds from its imitations and through the thermal test of colored stones.
Convenient and clear, the display allows you to select the color of the tested stone and provides a useful indication of possible alternatives.
Useful tool for Gemologists or experts in the sector.
Gemlogis LAPIS Diamond and Moissanite Tester

The Gemlogis LAPIS distinguishes the difference between diamond, moissanite, simulants and metal.
It is the one and only tester you need that is easy to operate without any changeable parts.
Lapis is highly accurate and identifies even the most difficult moissanite.
It also features the (Ambiance Temperature Compensation) for better accuracy.
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Gemlogis Mantis LCD 3 In 1 Tester
MANTIS is the latest diamond tester that works independently or in-conjunction with Gemlogis BLEU a color stone meter with touch sensitive display to further identify the stone type. Tests loose melee,
mounted stones, colored and colorless gemstones within a range of 0.02ct onwards.
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VISTA PRO Synthetic Diamond Segregator
VISTA PRO Synthetic Diamond Segregator
Gemlogis VISTA PRO is designed to screen both loose and mounted diamonds. It can detect stones set on both OPEN and CLOSED BACK mounting and is one of the few devices that can quickly identify stones on a small or large piece of jewellery.