Raytech AV-40 Vibratory tumbler (10.0Lt)
Raytech AV-40 Vibratory Tumbler
Working capacity: 10,00 lt - 1.450 vpm rotation

ext. tumbler dimensions: Ø 43 cm
int. tumbler dimensions: min. 10,5+10,5 cm
Height: 18 cm
made of cross-linked Polyethylen
Motor: 230 Volt
Raytech TV-10 Vibratory tumbler (2.5Lt)
Raytech TV-10 Vibratory tumbler
Working capacity: 2.50 lt -
Cycles for min: 2.500
ext. dimensions Ø 25 cm
int. dimensions: 9+9 cm
Height: 12,7 cm
made of polyethylen
Motor: 230V
Raytech tv-5 Vibratory tumbler (1.5Lt)
RAYTECH TV-5 Vibratory Tumbler
Working capacity: 1,50 lt -
Cycles x min: 2.500
tumbler ext. dimensions: diameter 20,5 cm
tumbler int. dimensions : 10 + 10 cm, 9,5 height, made of Polyethylen
Motor: 230 V
New product
VT-12 Vibratory Tumbler Diamond Pacific
Vibra-Sonic tumblers have a unique movement that produces both a rotary and vibratory tumbling action which reduces processing time of stone or metal compared to ordinary tumblers.