List of products by brand PROXXON

BandSaw machine
BandSaw - Solid, ribbed die-cast aluminium housing (no tubular or sheet metal construction).
Brass Cups
Brass cups, Ø 13 mm, shaft 2.35.
Brass wheels
Brass wheels, Ø 22 mm, shaft: 2.35 mm.
Drilling machine
Drilling machine with adjustable speed 1080-3100-6400 rpm.
Engraving professional set IBS-E

Engraving professional set IBS-E, for drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting, carving, engraving and signing.
For precision mechanics, model builders, jewellers, opticians, artists and electronic enthusiasts.
Flexible polishing pad set
Especially suitable for working gold, platinum, silver as well as for tool making and castings. Shafts of Ø 2.35mm.
Machine vice MS4
The MS 4 - for the TBM 220 bench drill machine and MB 140/S drill stand.