Mini Diamond Smoothing Disc Set Ø20mm
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Mini Diamond Smoothing Disc Set Ø20mm

Mini Diamond Smoothing Disc Set Ø20mm

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Mini Diamond Smoothing Disc Set


Our mini diamond smoothing disc set isn't only convenient but comes with everything you need to smooth and polish your small jewelry pieces. They are perfect for smoothing, refining and polishing a wide range of material such as glass, gemstones, synthetic material and even metal.

Each set comes with mini diamond smoothing discs. Using a propriety technique, a high concentration of premium diamond is loaded onto each disc to provide an extremely aggressive grinding rate, yet leave an exceptionally smooth surface finish. Each disc is color coded to easily determine what grit the disc is. They also come with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing that easily bonds to our disc holders. Depending on the care and material you are working with, these mini diamond smoothing discs on average will last for 100-200 pieces. They do not crack or peel either.

Our lightweight rubber holders hold our mini diamond smoothing discs and are perfect for contour shaping and polishing. Each holder conveniently comes with a 1/8" mandrel that will fit into a Foredom, Dremel with 1/8"collet, or any flex shaft hand piece that accepts 1/8" diameter shank.

Each kit comes with:

•4 Disc Holders
•3 Brown 325# Grit Mini Diamond Smoothing Discs
•3 Red 600# Grit Mini Diamond Smoothing Discs
•3 Blue 1200# Grit Mini Diamond Smoothing Discs
•3 Mini Polishing Pad Discs

The recommended RPM for these mini smoothing discs is between 3000 (minimum) - 5000 (maximum).

IMPORTANT NOTE: These mini diamond smoothing disc kits are NOT for pre-forming your material. They are strictly used for smoothing, refining and pre-polishing your material. Use the discs included in this kit AFTER you pre-form your material.






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