slant cabber Hitech 20-008
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Slant Cabber (rock/mineral model) Ø200 mm

Lapping machine kit 200 mm - Universal grinder/polisher

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A complete heavy duty lapidary grinding and polishing machine. Designed for production use, yet is affordable for the hobbyist. The 4 steps finishing process makes it easy to finish a wide variey of gem material, both natural and synthetic, including quartz, agate, jasper, opal, etc.Because the Universal is a horizontal lap machine you can grind flats, make free-form cabochons, rework quartz crystals, do intarsia and inlay work

Discs Ø 8"
Speed:  800-3400 rpm

Kit complet with:
• One 180 Mesh Electroplated Diamond Disc w/ Backing Plate
• One 325 Mesh Brown Diamond Smoothing Disc
• One 600 Mesh Red Diamond Smoothing Disc
• One 1200 Mesh Blue Diamond Smoothing Disc
• One Tech-11 Polishing Pad w/ 14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound 

Four acrylic Backing Plates

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