Gems & Gemology in Review: Treated Diamonds
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Gems & Gemology in Review: Treated Diamonds

Gems & Gemology in Review: Treated Diamonds

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Once, diamond dealers could get by with rinsing their stones in alcohol to remove potential coatings, but no more.

Modern diamond treatments have fundamentally changed the landscape for those who handle diamonds. For more than 70 years, Gems & Gemology has been at the forefront in characterizing diamond treatments - from early reports on irradiated diamonds in the 1930s, to the first use of laser drilling to remove dark inclusions in the 1970s, followed by glass filling in the 1980s and processing with high pressure and high temperature to alter color in the late 1990s. Previously, this material was spread across dozens of issues.

Now, the important articles, lab notes, gem news items, and conference abstracts on the subject have been compiled into one comprehensive volume, Gems & Gemology In Review: Treated Diamonds.

Edited by James E. Shigley

Large Fromat softcover (28x22cm)

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