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A special trinocular stereo microscope MAGNIFICATION 7.5-50X

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Jewelry microscope - trinocular

A special stereo microscope setup for the inspection of gems and minerals. The opltical systems delivers a clear distortion-free images in a 6.7:1 zoom, giving a magnification range 7.5-50x in standard outfit. The fixed light split of 50:50 to the photo port allows easy documentation. The instrument comes with a special transmitted/incident illumination adapted to the specifics of translucent precious stones.


MAGNIFICATION 7.5-50x zoom with darkfield illumination and cool light for diamonds color grading. Clamp for stones included.

The third ocular is ideal for inserting a camera or a video camera with a correct adapter.

Stereo-zoom optical system, Trinocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotating.

100:0 (eyetubes), 0:100 (right eyetube/trinocular tube) optical split

Widefield adjustable eyepieces WF10x/23mm 6.7:1 Zoom ratio, WD=110mm

Objective magnification range:0.75x-5x

Specialised gemmology tilting base, 0° to 45° tilting range: 360° rotary base.

Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment 6V/30W halogen brighfield/darkfield illumination with intensity control

Flexible gooseneck 7W fluorescent invident illumination

Main supply 220V-240V (CE)

WIre gem holder

Aluminium carrying case and dust cover.

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