Microscope for Gemology - Trinocular
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Microscope for Gemology - Trinocular

A special Euromex trinocular stereo microscope setup for the inspection of gems and minerals -  6.7 - 45 x zoom range

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Trinocular Microscope for Gemology

This Microscope is supplied with a 1:6.7 zoom objective with 0.67x to 4.5x magnifications, a field of view from 33 mm to 4.9 mm. 

With an adaptor for mounting a Camera you are able to record video and pictures.

Working distance 110 mm. Standard magnification is 6.7 to 45x

Flat darkfield stage with clamp object holder, iris diaphragm and incident illumination. Clamp object holder can be placed on left or right side

ILLUMINATION 30 Watt halogen transmitted illumination, adjustable intensity 1 Watt LED, adjustable intensity, or 7 Watt fluorescent incident illumination, intensity not adjustable. Both illuminators can be used simultaneously

220 Volt.

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