DIAMOND SIEVE 80 light plates Ø 80 mm
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DIAMOND SIEVE SET 80 light plates Ø 80 mm

Diamond Sieve - 80 ultralight and flexible plates Ø 80mm

€750.00 €775.00 - €25.00 €750.00 (tax excl.)


These long lasting stainless steel sieves stay accurate longer than those made of softer materials.

Because sieves are used for sorting diamonds, their accuracy depends on their ability to maintain specific hole sizes under the abrasive action of the diamonds being sifted.

This Sieve is made with the highest level of accuracy as possible in sieving technology, these sieves plates are comfortable and easy to work with. Each plate features double or triple the amount of holes for faster sieving. For best results sieve on the matte side, not the shiny side.

This set has a 3 compartment container, 80 plates from 0.6 to 3.6 mm.

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