Scanox Tender i100 Portable Rough PLanning System
Produkt Artikelnummer: SCANOX TENDER

Scanox Tender i100 - Portable Rough Planning System


The Scanox Tender HD is world's first portable system for measuring and planning rough diamond in high-resolution and high speed Calculation technology.
This system comes in light weight and laptop connectability and can measure up to 100 carats. With this system you can be more confident in making the right decision during diamond tenders and finding the optimal models for your rough stones.

Product highlights:

Portable System: Light weight of only 1.1kg, can be taken anywhere and connected to laptops.
HD Colored Camera: HD digital camera for accurate mapping of the rough surface and identification of the smallest inclusions.
Inclusion: Revolutionary inclusion feature enables calculating positions and grading clarity as viewed by the user.
Rough Price: Automatically calculates the rough price according to Rapaport list.
Multi-Cut: Allocates and calculates unlimited cutting options in round and fancy shapes for the highest possible yield.
Laser Scanner: Precise laser scanner for optimal mapping of holes and grooves.
Best Value: Advanced algorithms automatically analyses different cut grades, shapes, clarity grades and inclusion positions for maximum profit.

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