Light Performance CFIRE

elektronisches Gerät zur Untersuchung von Diamanten und Edelsteinen Light Performance CFIRE
Produkt Artikelnummer: CFIRE

CFire - Visual Diamond Shape Light Performance


CFire is a unique technology for analysis and absolute grading of gemstones & diamonds' light performance and beauty. These are evaluated based on the standard for the stone's shape and measured on three factors: Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.

There are no limitations for any diamond shape measurements.

Product highlights:

Live Scintillation Mode: Excite your customer with a live view of the diamond's Scintillation light.

Compare Mode: Compare between two stones to show their different visual light performance.

Matching Mode: Locate matching stones in your stock based on various parameters such as light reflection, weight, color, clarity and more.

Clarity Detect: A gemologist can detect and grade a stone's inclusions and gletz.

All Shapes: Measure and grade light performance of any shape, including branded gems.

Jewelry Mode: Measure a gemstone's light re­ection even when it is already embedded to the jewel.

CFire Certificate: Showcase your diamond and jewelry by including their visual light performance parameters on printed certificates

CFire Card: Showcase your diamond and jewelry's visual light performance parameters on magnetic cards.

Online: All these visual light images can then be captured and shared on your website and social media pages via PC, laptop or smartphone.

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